Sexual Harassment - Legal Advice

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Important tips to remember if you are in legal suit.


Number One: Don't Panic, Relax, you cannot change the situation you are in, only deal with it. Don't add stress by ignoring, or over analising the situation, you will only be worse off.

Number Two: Exercise lots and eat well, your mind will be working overtime until you are throught this, focus and feed your brain!

Number Three: Get Smart! Eduacate yourself about your case and the legal system, how does it work? What will happen to you? The more questions you can answer the better, put your mind at ease.

Number Four: Seek Quailty Legal Representation, they will give you the best legal advice and can help answer your questions as well as prepare any other unforseen things cropping up.

Number Five: Deal with it. You cannot change it. Make sure you stay on top of things and try not to let the experience get you down. Derive something from the experience. A lot can be learnt from mistakes. Live, learn and stay focussed.